Enterprise Development.

Cost Perform works closely with a number of emerging Black owned enterprises, advising on growth and stability, and assisting with market access. Our active engagement with these businesses allows us to identify what’s right for them, what’s achievable, and what’s appropriate within their particular context.

We draw on what we have: knowledge of the best business development specialists and programmes, opportunities available in the market, understanding of small enterprise growth requirements, knowledge of the South African SMME and finance landscape, and extensive contacts and networks to convert the potential into real success.

Our core competencies includes Enterprise Development (ED) to Small Micro and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMMEs).

Our Services Include:

  • Conducting Baseline Studies
  • Conducting business model FEASIBILITY/VIABILITY Assessments
  • Conducting DUE DILIGENCE Assessments
  • Offering COACHING to SMME”s and individuals and groups
  • Offering MENTORING to SMME’s
  • COSTING and PRICING analysis
  • Assist Enterprises in completing BBSDP application forms as Network Facilitator (NF)
  • FINFIND – help clients understand their finance needs, how to access finance, and which financiers are most suitable
Most corporate businesses rely on SMMEs for supplies and services. However, against a global average of a 50% failure rate of small businesses during the first year, according to the department of Trade and Industry the South African small business failure rate during the first year is higher than 70% (Sowetan: 16/5/2013).


Practical experience gained through both own SME business ventures and through mentoring numerous SMEs have learnt that key amongst the reasons for failure is the word INSUFFICIENT: 

business back-office systems and -procedures, e.g.:

  • quality management
  • infrequent stock taking
  • not capturing business transactions (record-keeping of income and expenses)
monitoring and control of e.g.:

  • cash payments / disbursements
  • monthly financial statements (results v/s budgeted)
  • weekly cash flow (actual versus projections)

  • within the specific industry
  • in venture start-up
attention to detail in developing a viable business model, e.g.:

  • marketing planning (competing in already over-traded markets)
  • financial planning (e.g. financing long term assets through short-term debt)

Cost Perform Questionnaire

Qualifying enterprise development beneficiary
Please download the Questionnaire here and complete the Cost Perform questionnaire as accurately as possible to assist us in establishing the appropriateness of your company for our enterprise development support. If you do not yet have all the information or documentation required, please indicate why.

You can submit this form via email directly to
info@costperform.co.za or fax to 086-652-7785


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