Cost Perform provides leading solutions that address performance management issues of the greatest concern to managers in private, public and not-for-profit organisations, resulting in :

Effective Strategy Execution
Our framework for strategy execution focuses the whole organisation towards actions and initiatives that ensure the successful achievement of short and long term goals.

Profit Improvement 
Our solutions deliver lasting cost reductions, minimise income erosion and identify potential for revenue growth.

Performance Optimisation
Our solutions enable organisations to achieve operational excellence in the most critical factors of high performance, ensuring sustainable performance improvements and superior results.

Management Development
We help build organisational capability by developing people into high performing employees and tomorrow’s leaders.

who We Work With.

For us it is about identifying those entrepreneurs and businesses that are overflowing with potential, but need support in getting those few steps up along their path to success. Sometimes these steps are simply about skills development or customer-supplier introductions. Sometimes it’s a bit more complex – like re-organising cash flow or building systems and processes.

Often it’s about increasing productivity, managing impact, securing finance and increasing capacity, being able to compete alongside the companies that have been around forever, and have the benefits of experience, scale, efficiencies and pricing that their longevity and networks have brought them.

Cost Perform works closely with these businesses to identify what’s right for them, what’s achievable, and what’s appropriate within their particular context. And then we draw on what we have: knowledge of the best business development specialists and programmes, opportunities available in the market, understanding of small enterprise growth requirements, knowledge of the South African SMME and finance landscape, and extensive contacts and networks to convert the potential into real success.


Our Clients


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