Cost Perform is an owner managed consultancy; training and costing software distribution company.

What we do.

We provide innovative management solutions that help you reach your goals faster.
What do High Performing organisations do better than others?
Turn Potential to High Performance.

Generate superior profits

Gain insights into what products and which customers generate the most profit.


  • Manage product portfolio
  • Grow business in right areas
  • Provide cost transparency
Improve efficiency

Reduce waste and eliminate unneeded activities in your organisation.


  • Streamline processes
  • Delight your customers
  • Reduce costs relentlessly
Manage the future

Achieve optimum business results during good and poor times


  • Leverage business drivers
  • Simulate business scenarios
  • Avert potential crisis
Reach your goals faster

Convert your strategies into successful outcomes


  • Track your success step-by-step
  • Take timely decisions
  • Make analytics work

Why we are different.

We’re a group of individuals who are passionate about leadership as well as entrepreneurship, helping our clients building sustainable and profitable businesses.

We believe that inclusive and enduring economic growth in South Africa requires the number, size and success of small black owned businesses to increase substantially, and soon. And we make a significant contribution to doing that.

We bring together

  1. our skills and experience,
  2. the growth plans of the numerous and dynamic small enterprises we support
  3. opportunities in commercial and development finance.

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